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RHI inquiry: DUP adviser's family has 11 boilers

By Mark Edwards

A former DUP special adviser to Arlene Foster has told the RHI inquiry that his family members have 11 boilers linked to the botched green energy scheme.

Dr Andrew Crawford, giving evidence before the inquiry on Thursday morning, said that he never discussed the attractive tariffs available to RHI applicants with his brother James or two cousins, despite the three of them having 11 boilers between them.

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His family began to install the boilers while he was working as a special adviser at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment- the department that was responsible for bringing in the doomed scheme.

Dr Crawford also told the inquiry he felt the DUP pinned the blame on him when the RHI scandal broke in the media.

He said: "In my mind I was blamed unfairly, and in my mind, a course of action was taken to put my name out there, and look- you talked yesterday about grubby politics- that's how politics works in terms of if there is a crisis is somebody going to fall for it, how do we deal with it, how do we manage it.

"I have always been sore about the way it was dealt with in December and January. Because I believe there was work going on behind the scenes to basically pin the blame on me if possible."

Read how Dr Crawford's evidence unfolded:

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