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RHI inquiry: I did not have cynical motives to delay cost controls, says DUP adviser Timothy Cairns

Timothy Cairns at the RHI Inquiry yesterday
Timothy Cairns at the RHI Inquiry yesterday
Mark Edwards

By Mark Edwards

Former DUP special adviser Timothy Cairns has said he had no "cynical or base" motives to delay cost controls for the RHI scheme.

Mr Cairns was special adviser to then Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell during the height of the RHI scandal in 2015.

During his evidence on Wednesday morning, Mr Cairns suggested that other people may have had motive for delaying cost controls.

"There is no evidence those were my motives, they may be other people's motives, but they certainly weren't mine. I don't have any other reason or any other experience- I don't have any connections within the industry or within the farming community to have those other reasons or potential reasons."

Mr Cairns also said that during the Summer of 2015 he was not aware that applicants to the RHI scheme were heating empty houses and businesses to make money of the scheme.

He said: "It was a hypothetical, and in any event the officials seemed to believe that OFGEM would take care of that anyway."

Read how Mr Cairns' evidence unfolded:

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