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RHI updates: Arlene Foster claims Jonathan Bell 'pushed the nuclear button' with Nolan interview - instigated Assembly collapse


Arlene Foster has told the RHI Inquiry on Tuesday afternoon that Jonathan Bell "pushed the nuclear button" with his interview with Stephen Nolan.

The session has also heard information about a spike in the number of applicants before the deadline and Mrs Foster's interview with Stephen Nolan.

The morning session saw the DUP leader speak about her "great regret" she did not act to remove Jonathan Bell as Enterprise minister - despite her view and those in her party seeing him as unsuitable for the position.

She said the political ramifications of sacking him as minister three months before an election were behind his staying in the job and she had no intention of giving him another role in the Executive after the poll.

The DUP leader said there were fears he would have "gone rogue," had he been axed.

Follow how her evidence unfolded here:


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