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Saville Report ran up £200k print bill

Rolling off copies of the Bloody Sunday report when it was released last month cost almost £200,000, the government has revealed.

Lord Saville’s 5,200 page document, 12 years in the making, was published last month with the latest official analysis of the cost standing at £190.3m.

But Secretary of State Owen Paterson announced yesterday that the printing costs met by the taxpayer reached £194,652.

That covers producing 285 copies of the full length version of the report and 2,200 copies of the principal conclusions, which summarised key findings in 60 pages.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell, who requested the information, said: “For the cost to have reached almost £200,000 shows the printing bill is as excessive as that of the report itself.

“It is extraordinarily excessive. I would expect it is several times as expensive as every other inquiry report.

“This is further proof that we do not need any more expensive inquiries,” he added.

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The full report consists of 10 volumes, though the key findings are set out in a section entitled ‘Principal Conclusions and Overall Assessment'. Members of the public can buy copies through the The Stationery Office (TSO) at a cost of £572 but families, officials and other interested parties were supplied full copies.

Mr Paterson said: “These copies were printed to facilitate advance sight of the report and provide interested parties with copies, to provide the required number of copies to Parliament and TSO for publishing purposes, and for provision within Government, to the Northern Ireland Assembly, and to the Irish government.”

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