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Schoolgirl falls into 'swallow hole'

A schoolgirl escaped serious injury when she tumbled into a deep 'swallow hole' that opened up near her home.

Kelsey O'Sullivan (12) was left bruised and shocked but otherwise unhurt by the freak accident yesterday at Shanbally, Carrigaline, Co Cork.

The schoolgirl was out playing with friends when the group spotted the 'swallow hole' that had opened up after the collapse of an underground limestone cavern due to heavy rains.

As the children moved closer, the unstable ground gave way beneath Kelsey's feet -- and she fell eight metres to the bottom of the hole.

Although Kelsey was uninjured, her friends were unable to reach her and ran to raise the alarm.

Rescuers used a ladder to bring her to safety and the 'swallow hole' was filled in by the landowner within a matter of hours.

Source Irish Independent

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