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Scottish independence: Ten effects a go-it-alone Scotland could have on Northern Ireland if the result is Yes

1. A change in the way we receive money from Westminster: Without Scotland, the formula for our annual grant will have to be recalculated, if not scrapped, to redistribute funds across the UK. Queen's University academic Graham Walker has warned Northern Ireland is likely to receive less money as a consequence.

2. Passport checks at Scottish ferry ports: If Scotland leaves the UK, it is believed it may take up to a year to be admitted to the European Union and therefore, like any other country outside the EU, travellers will need their passport to enter the country.

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3. Different currency: While you are pulling out your passport in Stranraer you may also need to visit a bureau de change. Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that Scotland may not be able to continue using sterling as its currency.

4. Roaming charges: Similar to when you cross the border into the Republic of Ireland, if Scotland leaves the UK, anyone using a UK mobile phone there will be subject to roaming charges when using their mobile.

5. Change to the Union flag: If Scotland is no longer part of the UK it is likely that the distinctive blue Saltire will disappear from the Union flag, leaving it just red and white, incorporating the cross of St George, representing England, and cross of St Patrick, representing Northern Ireland.

6. Political turbulence: An independent Scotland will be a blow to Northern Ireland unionists who feel a strong emotional connection to Scotland. It is thought it may spark a renewed push towards an independent Northern Ireland as unionists may feel politically isolated from the rest of the UK.

7. More red tape for businesses trading with Scotland: Local businesses could find themselves having to deal with two separate regulatory regimes, two different tax systems, and possibly even an exchange rate.

8. A premature changing of the guard at Palace Barracks: The Royal Scots recently arrived at the Holywood base this summer, replacing the English Mercian Regiment. If Scotland becomes an independent country, it seems likely that Scottish regiments in the British Army will also have to leave.

9. Paying more for Scottish products: Tunnocks teacakes may be a firm favourite in Belfast as well as Glasgow, but they are just one Scottish favourite that may become more expensive on this side of the Irish Sea due to import tax if Scotland leaves the UK.

10. Coastguard arrangements: Belfast Coastguard at Bregenz House in Bangor currently looks after some parts of the west coast of Scotland following the closure of the Clyde and Forth stations in 2011. This could change under independence.

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