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Scottish independence: YouGov predicts No campaign to win

A poll taken after people voted in the Scottish referendum predicts a narrow victory against independence.

The YouGov survey put No on 54 per cent and Yes on 46 per cent.

Peter Kellner of YouGov said: "At risk of looking utterly ridiculous in a few hours time, I would say it's a 99% chance of a No victory."

The poll involved 1,828 people after they voted today, together with the postal votes of 800 people. It was not a traditional exit poll.

Mr Kellner said today's research had suggested "substantially more" people switched from Yes to No than the other way around.

He added: "'If we have got this wrong, if Yes win, we and by extension other pollsters, have got something badly wrong."

The finding is in line with other surveys over the last 48 hours.

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