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Scottish referendum: 'Don't vote for independence to give the effing Tories a kick' David Cameron tells Scotland

By Heather Saul

David Cameron has cautioned the people of Scotland against voting for independence in the referendum because they want to give the “effing Tories” a kick as he began campaigning in Edinburgh.

Speaking in Scotland, the Prime Minister warned that voting for independence would be an irreversible decision.

He said: "Because it’s an election, because it’s a ballot, I think people can feel a bit like it’s a general election. That you make a decision and five years later you can make another decision. If you’re fed up with the effing Tories give them a kick, and then maybe we will think again. This is totally different."

The Conservative leader announced he would be ditching Prime Minister’s Questions to head to Scotland on Tuesday along with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband as polls suggested the gap between those supporting independence and those wanting to stay together is narrowing.

During a visit to the Scottish Widows offices, he also said he would be  "heartbroken" if the UK was separated, declaring:  "I care far more about my country than I do about my party."

Meanwhile, Alex Salmond characterised today's independence referendum campaigning as "Team Scotland against Team Westminster" and said the three leaders “jetted” up to Scotland “because they are panicking in the campaign”.

Speaking at a pro-independence event in Edinburgh, he said: "What is interesting today is that at this juncture of the campaign Team Westminster - David Cameron, Ed Miliband - have jetted up to Scotland. Not part of their plans perhaps, but nonetheless they are here.

"What we are arguing is that we've got a key test about jobs in Scotland, about protecting our National Health Service. Their concern with this last-gasp effort seems to be with their own jobs."

Earlier, Mr Cameron delivered a personal appeal to the people in Scotland, urging them not to “rip apart” the United Kingdom when they cast their votes on September 18.

His opinion piece came as the former prime minister Sir John Major intervened in the debate, claiming a vote for independence would be "disastrous" for the whole of the UK.

Sir John said that the loss of the Trident nuclear deterrent - which is currently based in Scotland - would have severe consequences.

"The United Kingdom would be weaker in every international body it attends. We would lose our seat at the top table in the United Nations," he told BBC Radio 4.

Source: Independent

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