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Second fish kill in Armagh

By David Young

Environmental officers were today investigating the second major fish kill in 24 hours in the same town.

A significant number of coarse fish and pike were today found dead at Shillington’s Bridge in Portadown only a day after hundreds of fish were killed at Moneypenny’s Lock on the other side of the Co Armagh town.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency(NIEA) said there was no evidence of a link between the incidents.

“Our officers are at the initial stages of our investigation into the Shillington’s Bridge fish kill but the early indications are that this is not connected to the one yesterday at Moneypenny's Lock,” said an NIEA spokesman.

“Significant numbers of coarse fish and pike have been killed in this incident across a mile of river.

“The bulk of the fish appear to have been dead for several days — although a few live and distressed fish are still visible.

“Our staff are working hard to establish this exact cause of the incident.

“Once again the agency would urge anyone who knows anything about this fish kill to help our investigation.

Tuesday’s kill at Moneypenny’s Lock off the Newry Canal is believed to have been caused by the recent adverse weather conditions. The river bed had been disturbed which led to a depletion of oxygen supplies in the water. NIEA officers have since deployed an aerator to alleviate the problem.

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