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Sectarian graffiti is condemned

By Donna Deeney

Sectarian graffiti sprayed on one of the main arterial routes into Londonderry has been described as an attack on the unionist community.

‘Prods Out’, ‘IRA’ and ‘Brits Out’ slogans were daubed on the Clooney Road dual carriageway leading from City of Derry airport into the Waterside.

DUP councillor David Ramsey said the graffiti portrays the city in a very unwelcoming light.

He commented: “We were contacted by a number of people about this graffiti and have been in touch with the Department for Infrastructure about getting it removed as soon as possible.

“The slogans are clearly there as an act of intimidation to the Protestant community living in the wider Waterside area because they appear between the villages of Eglinton and Maydown, both of which have a mixed community.

“This is also on the dual carriageway leading directly from the airport to the city so this will be the first thing visitors see.”

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