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Senior loyalist admits UDA members are drug dealers

Further divisions are emerging within the UDA after a leading loyalist admitted that some of the group's members are dealing in drugs.

Last week, internal tensions were heightened when a splinter group from the same organisation decommissioned a small number of guns.

Now a leading member of the Ulster Political Research Group, the political wing of the mainstream UDA, has admitted that some of its members are drug dealers.

Frankie Gallagher was speaking after a youth committed suicide after taking an overdose of horse sedatives supplied by a UDA dealer in north Belfast.

He called those responsible "scum" and said the UDA leadership opposed drug dealing.

He said: "All of the drug dealing that's going on in Tigers Bay is by people in Tigers Bay.

"Some of the mothers are actually dealing drugs in Tigers Bay.

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"The organisation of the UDA is absolutely dedicated and determined no members will be involved in crime or criminality.

"Any people who are masquerading as loyalists who are selling drugs are scum.

"There is one person in particular, there's a number of other people in Tigers Bay, there's a lot of complex issues."

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