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Shamed celebrity therapist is back as a rock singer

Disgraced Northern Ireland psychotherapist to the stars Beechy Colclough, who was struck off a professional register for having sex with clients, has made a return to the public eye — but this time as a rock singer.

Beechy, who is a reformed alcoholic, was once the toast of the therapy world garnering him high-profile clients such as Elton John and Kate Moss who he help treat for their addictions.

However the 62-year-old, who grew up on the Ormeau Road, Belfast, dramatically fell from grace a few years ago after a string of women he was treating claimed he had abused their trust.

Among those who complained was a former lapdancer Angela Harvey, who claimed that Colclough lured her into having sex with him after she had sought help in beating a binge-drinking problem.

At the time she claimed that she had a seven-year affair with the therapist, which, she said, destroyed her life. As a result the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy stripped the Belfast-born therapist of his membership in September 2006 following the allegations.

Beechy, who previously hosted his own TV series for BSkyB and appeared regularly on GMTV, This Morning and BBC Northern Ireland, has not been seen publicly since his downfall until this week when he launched his new career at The Half Moon pub in Putney, south-west London.

His MySpace page describes his music as “acoustic/blues/rock” and says the “reformed alcoholic” spent the past six months “locked away in the studio” to complete his debut 12-track album called From The Darkness To The Light.

It even says the title track is an anthem for dyslexia and that he plans on touring the United States in the future.

A crowd of about 100 paid £10-a-head to see the 90-minute per formance.

They included his agent and his wife Jo, who earlier revealed that by performing music Beechy was returning to a former love but this was his first concert for 40 years.

Jo Colclough said that if the Half Moon gig was successful it could lead to many more.

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