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Shock in Maiden City at axing of popular branch

Carlisle Road post office in Londonderry is by no means a low profile casualty of the latest proposed closures.

The branch, which has been in existence for around 50 years, serves a large customer base, mainly from the nearby Fountain area of the city.

Its current sub-postmaster, James Gough, said he has built up a good relationship with many of his customers in the 30 years he has worked there.

"We do have a broad base of customers and a commercial base as well," he said.

"A lot of people come from the Fountain area, because it's just down a couple of streets to us.

"We have a great rapport with the local people. The post office in any area is very personal."

Willy Temple, a community activist working in the Fountain area, said the closure of the branch would be "a disaster" for residents

"It means having to travel further outside their area," he said.

"There's a sheltered home here, it's going to be a hardship for those people to move elsewhere.

"The post office would be a focal point for the community," he added.

Local MLA Pat Ramsay said he was shocked to hear of the proposed closure of the branch.

"I think there would be some concern and distress for people living there, particularly the older folk," he said.

"They will have to travel now, particularly for benefits and post office services."

Mr Ramsay urged people to make their voices heard as part of the consultation.

"Certainly it's something I would intend making representations on as part of the consultation process," he said.

"I would say to people that if it affects you you should make your voice heard."

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