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Shoukri pleads guilty to a catalogue of offences

Leading loyalist Andre Khaled Shoukri yesterday pleaded guilty to a catalogue of offences including acquiring criminal property, blackmail and intimidation.

In all, 30-year-old Shoukri pleaded guilty to a total of 18 charges including using "certain criminal property, namely a money transfer" from a building society to buy his Clare Height's home in Belfast in November 2004.

The case involving Shoukri and three others, had been listed only for 'mention' at Belfast Crown Court, however his defence lawyer Charles McCrainor asked that he be re- arraigned on 18 of the 19 charges he faced.

As each of the charges, eight of acquiring criminal property, five of blackmail, two of intimidation, two of obtaining money transfers by deception and one of using criminal proceeds, Shoukri replied " guilty".

Prosecution QC Gordon Kerr said that the remaining charge, of which no details were given, was to remain on the books and will not be proceeded with, and that the reasons behind the move would be given at a later date.

Mr McCrainor said that Shoukri was now ready for sentence as the defence were not seeking pre-sentence reports in his case.

Mr Justice Treacy, however, adjourned sentence until after the trial of Shoukri's former co-accused next month.

No details surrounding the charges involving Shoukri or the three others, William Boreland (38) of Sunningdale Gardens, Terry Harbinson (26) of Tyndale Gardens and 47-year-old Ian Peter Craig of Garland Hill, all Belfast, were given to the court.

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