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Sinn Fein blames dissidents for Belfast shotgun attack

Sinn Fein says it believes dissidents were behind the attack last night on a family in west Belfast.

Shotgun blasts were fired at the house in the Lagmore area at around 10.30, showering those inside with broken glass.

Three men were injured while two women had to be treated for shock. A two-year-old girl escaped injury.

The local Sinn Fein assembly member, Jennifer McCann, said she had learned that the house-holder and his brother were threatened earlier by a dissident group following a quarrel with one of their members.

West Belfast SDLP Alex Attwood said: "Whether or not there was an intention to kill, there was very clearly a callous disregard for the people in the house and the outcome could have been fatal.

"Whatever the motivation, this type of incident has to be stopped and strong community support for the police investigation is the only way to stop it."