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Sinn Fein urges Derry kids: stop this riot nonsense

Children in Londonderry have been warned by Sinn Fein not to get mixed up in so-called recreational rioting this summer.

Previous holiday periods and marching seasons have been marred by violence at interface areas on both sides of the city.

Brandywell councillor Patricia Logue has appealed to parents in Derry to ensure their children do not get involved in rioting this summer.

Ms Logue said: “In recent days, with the spell of good weather, there appears to be have been a number of stone throwing incidents involving groups of up to 20 young people in and around Bishop’s Gate and Nailor’s Row, lasting for up to two or three hours at a time.

“I am appealing to parents in Derry to ensure that their children aren’t getting caught up in this nonsense. A lot of these children are very young and may not know the seriousness of their actions.

“It is local people who are suffering and their lives are being disrupted by these senseless incidents and they only heighten tension over the summer months in and around the greater Bishop Street area and that is something no-one wants.”

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