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Sister of Real IRA murder victim Kieran Doherty hits out at the killers

The sister of Kieran Doherty, murdered by the Real IRA, has told a rally of supporters that his death could not be justified.

A tearful Leeanne Doherty addressed a crowd gathered just off Guildhall Square on Custom House Street last night.

She told the shoppers and workers the Real IRA had killed a “loving man, a partner, a son, a father, a grandson”.

“Nobody can justify his brutal murder,” she said.

She added that while her brother was now not there to defend his name, his family would, and she also called for an investigation into any role which MI5 may have played in his death.

She claimed that the security agency had repeatedly tried to recruit him and that the Doherty family wanted to know what role they may have had over the discovery of cannabis plants in a house in Carrigans, Co Donegal. Mr Doherty had been a keyholder but the family denied he knew anything about the drugs.

The Real IRA have claimed this was the reason why he was shot dead by them.

Ms Doherty said: “In the last few days his mind was not on drugs but on applying for jobs to find work. He had served a sentence in the South in connection with his republicanism and he was just looking to rebuild his life. He was to marry Mairead in 12 weeks and that was the aspiration on his mind.”

Derry Trades Council's Liam Gallagher said that those responsible for the murder of Mr Doherty would no doubt expect to be tried by their peers when brought to justice for this crime. He added they no doubt expected the chance to appeal their sentence but they had shown no such mercy to Mr Doherty.

“This is the difference between a civilisation and barbarisim. Kieran Doherty was not afforded these rights,” he said.

Socialist activist Goretti Horgan said she thought the rally had been well supported. “There's been a good turnout considering the short notice that was given. I was here at rallies in support of those murdered at Greysteel and on the Shankill Road. Then we were calling on the loyalist and republican paramilitaries to stop killing innocent people. I never thought we would be here in 2010 calling for the same thing.”

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