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Sleeping is better than sex, say tired Brits

Almost 80% of Britons prefer a good night's sleep to sex, a survey has revealed.

Researchers also found seven out of 10 have trouble sleeping and almost a quarter claimed they suffered from insomnia.

The study of more than 8,500 people revealed 79.2% admitted they preferred the thought of extra sleep to sex.

Only 12% of those surveyed admitted to getting eight hours sleep although almost 40% believed that was how much they needed.

Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: "Disrupted sleep not only impacts on quality of life, but there's an increased risk of higher blood pressure and its consequences - heart attacks and strokes.

"Many people have jobs that demand a lot of attention - and attention is the first mental ability to deteriorate after a poor night's sleep.

"Some people think they can manage on less - but really they aren't performing or feeling as well as they might. The average for adults is around 7.5 hours, so those 40% are right - they understand that they're not functioning properly."

The survey of 8,511 people was carried out this month on the GMTV website.

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