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So what was the shoppers' verdict on day one of the sales?


Hollie Lewis and Craig Cruise

Hollie Lewis and Craig Cruise

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Melanie Agnew

Melanie Agnew

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Brenda and Lucy Coburn

Brenda and Lucy Coburn

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph


Hollie Lewis and Craig Cruise

Melanie Agnew from Greenisland spent £80 on a pair of boots from House of Fraser that were reduced from £160. "I came into Belfast to leave back some Christmas presents and ended up finding a pair of boots reduced by 50% in the sale. I have two teenage daughters so I am also on the lookout for something for them. The sales have been great but it is a bit annoying when you see things that you bought three days ago at full price now reduced."

Brenda and Lucy Coburn from Belfast spent around £100, Brenda's biggest bargain were cushions for £5 each from Next. "We have found the sales disappointing to be honest. It looks like they have brought out a lot of old stock to put out. So we haven't bought very much so far despite going around quite a few of the shops. We went to Forestside at 9am for the Next sale and found it a bit quieter than this time last year."

Hollie Lewis and Craig Cruise from Bangor. Hollie spent around £200 on three dresses in the Ted Baker and River Island sale, but Craig didn't find any bargains in the sale. "I got a pair of trousers in Ted Baker that I had had my eye on for a while, but unfortunately they weren't in the sale," said Craig

"I got three dresses in Ted Baker and River Island, all the in the sales. We were coming into town for lunch so we thought we would have a look around the sales while we were here."

Maura and Elizabeth McLaughlin from Belfast found a pair of shoes in the Hobbs sale reduced to £99 from £169.

"We come down every Boxing Day to have a good look around the sales. Hobbs, House of Fraser and we always go to M&S too. The only thing we have got so far is a pair of shoes in Hobbs that were reduced from £169 to £99."

Lewis Todd from Bangor spent around £90 in the JD sale on a jacket, trousers and a shirt but his friend David Cavan hadn't seen anything he wanted to buy. "We have been disappointed, we didn't think the sales lived up to the hype, there doesn't seem to be very good stuff in the sales, it is just stuff that has been left over," they said.

Natalie Alexander from Belfast spent around £280 with her husband and baby daughter.

"We have been round River Island, Next, DV8 and USC, I have found a lot of stuff for my baby daughter. We did not come in very early but still managed to find plenty of bargains. £280 would be about the usual amount we would spend in the sales, getting stocked up."

Lisa Doran from Loughinisland spent around £500 and her biggest bargain was a pair of shoes from Dune reduced from £99 to £25.

"I was up at 5am to queue for the Next sale in Forestside, it was early but it was worth it for all the kids clothes bargains I got for my three kids who are five years, seven years and eight years. I only had to queue for ten minutes to get in which was a lot quieter than last year. Then I came into the city centre and went to House of Fraser and Debenhams. I think the sales have been brilliant, I even managed to get a pair of shoes that were three quarters off, reduced from £99 to £25."

Sophie Thompson from Belfast managed to get a last minute Christmas present in the sales in Urban Outfitters for £14.

"It's a bit too busy for me, so many people out. I was in the queue in one shop and just had to put down my stuff and walk out. So far I have only spent £14 in Urban Outfitters on a last minute Christmas present for a friend."

Matthew Chapman and his sons Freddie and Patrick from London spent around £350 in the House of Fraser sale. His biggest bargain was a handbag reduced from £300 to £150 for his wife.

"We have had a great time in the sales, we are over visiting family in Forkhill and decided to come up to Belfast for the sales. The discounts in House of Fraser have been very good, we were surprised that there is still so many bargains around as we didn't come in very early. We have spent about £350 mostly on clothes and handbags. The best bargain was a £300 handbag for £150, and Patrick got a new teddy bear for £22."

Tracy Reid and Angela Peters from Ballyclare spent around £250, with the best bargain being a pair of boots from Evans reduced to £20 from £45.

"I have mostly been looking for clothes for my daughter, we have got a few things in Next and New Look. Then my feet were freezing so I ended up getting a pair of bargain boots reduced from £45 to £20, and I put them on right away!"

David Spiers and Adam Lavery from Belfast spent around £80 and £120 respectively in Topman but did not get any bargains.

"It seems like the best bargains are in the women's sections, we haven't found any bargains yet, it's been a bit disappointing," they said.

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