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Soldier broke man’s nose in nightclub

A soldier who broke a man’s nose in a Belfast nightclub may have wrecked his chances of promotion, a court heard yesterday.

M`artin Ward (21), was ordered to pay fines and compensation of £700 for the attack at the Odyssey entertainment complex in July.

Ward, of Dundeden Crescent, Winshill, Derbyshire, had been charged with actual bodily harm and criminal damage.

Prosecutors said he had stumbled into a man dancing at the Beach Club on the night of the attack.

Ward was pushed back and then punched the victim in the face, Belfast Magistrates Court was told.

A defence solicitor claimed his client had struck out after thinking he was being attacked. The lawyer also revealed his client was a serving private in a British Army regiment.

District Judge George Conner was told the conviction would put a “glass ceiling” on any future promotion.

Ward is also likely to face disciplinary proceedings from his military bosses, the court heard.

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