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Stabbing suspected as father-of-two found dead

Police were last night treating the death of a father-of-two in Larne as suspicious.

The man’s body was found in an alleyway between Herbert Avenue and Waterloo Road in an area of Larne known as Boyne Square.

The victim, who is understood to be in his late 20s or early 30s, was found dead on Saturday night. He was named locally as Kenneth Nicholl.

Reports from the area have suggested that the man was stabbed to death, however the PSNI were unable to confirm this.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph last night Larne’s mayor Bobby McKee described the incident as “tragic”.

“I’m disappointed that this sort of thing continues to happen,” he said.

“The knife culture is something we’re all concerned with and when it comes to a fatal stabbing it’s even more of a concern, in this case because there’s a family left without a father. It’s tragic.

“The PSNI have been working hard and have been very successful in cutting down anti-social behaviour in Larne, but this knife culture is proving problematic for Great Britain as a whole.”

Deputy mayor Geraldine Mulvenna offered her condolences to the victim’s family.

“It’s a tragedy,” she said.

“It’s awful that this sort of incident could happen any time, anywhere. I would like to extend my sympathy and my thoughts and prayers to the family.”

The area where the body was discovered was cordoned off yesterday to allow forensic officers to investigate.

William Stewart who knew Mr Nicholl, said: "Any time ever I have met the fellow, he was very nice and a very friendly sort of a chap.

"I got on very well with him and a lot of other people did too."

DUP Assembly member for the area David Hilditch also expressed his shock.

"I would hope that if this is indeed a case of foul play that it is dealt with quickly," he said.

"My thoughts at this time are with this man's family."

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