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Still attempting to hide his face from the media after litany of sex offences

By Deborah McAleese

I first met Daniel Curran in January 2008 when I doorstepped him at his home, a spacious, detached bungalow in the seaside town of Newcastle.

He had recently been released from prison after serving his third sentence for a litany of sex offences on young boys. Following his release, Curran wrote a history book called Where Donard Guards under the pseudonym Nicholas Russell. The book was being sold in the parish shop and advertised in a church bulletin.

I wanted to know if he had told the Catholic Church that he was the author of the book they were publicising.

Coming face to face with the man who had inflicted terror and deep trauma on dozens of young children, I remember being surprised by his weak appearance and nervous demeanour.

His greeting was pleasant at first. But when he was asked about the book and if he wanted to apologise to his victims he ran into his house and hid.

The next time I saw him he was again attempting to hide. It was February 2012 and he was due before Downpatrick Crown Court charged with sexually abusing two more victims who he plied with wine telling them it was the "blood of Christ".

Curran slunk into the courthouse through a side gate so he did not have to walk past the media or members of the public.

He pleaded guilty and was released on bail to await sentence. Before he could sneak back out the side door and into a waiting car, the judge ordered him to walk out the front "like everybody else".

Yesterday Curran was in court to face his fifth case of historical child abuse. He attempted to hide his face with a hat and scarf.

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