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Student 'leftovers' at Queen's University boost charity

Student 'leftovers' at Queen's University have served up a £900 helping of food for a Belfast charity, it was revealed today.

The mini food mountain was donated to the Salvation Army Thorndale Family Centre after staff at the Elms Village and Queen's houses were given items from students vacating their rooms for the summer.

"It was amazing - we found a tin of beans here and a jar of coffer three and when it was all added together we found that we had a store cupboard worth more than £900," said Gwen Finlay, the university accommodation and hospitality manager.

"The hoard included tins of soup, baked beans, noodles, pasta, tuna, cereals, corn, sauces, tea bags and coffee as well as a wide range of international - especially oriental - cooking ingredients.

"The student diet hasn't changed much over the years!" she said.

The university has an active recycling policy at student accommodation and introduced a number of initiatives with Belfast City Council including recycling books, clothes and personal belongings, she said.

"We also allocated a collection point for students to leave non-perishable food, and assisted in collecting unwanted belongings which were also donated to charity.

"These included clothes, shoes, bicycles and pots and pans," said Ms Finlay.

Among the more unusual things left behind was a goldfish named Frazer who is now a permanent resident in the Elms Village reception, she revealed.

Michael Burns, maintenance supervisor at the Salvation Army Thorndale Family Centre said: "We were delighted to receive this donation of food items which will be distributed among the 34 families staying at the centre, and many more of the families who we continue to visit and support when they leave the centre and move back into the community.

"Many struggle financially and will really appreciate this donation of practical assistance."

He said he wanted to say a big thank you to those at Queen's for the donation. It really is appreciated and helps us to help those who turn to us in need."

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