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Student says he thought Gately was just sleeping

The man who was with Stephen Gately and his partner on the night the Boyzone star died has revealed how he walked away from the star who he thought was sleeping.

Bulgarian student Georgi Dochev (25) gave details of Mr Gately's last hours in a statement to Majorcan police.

He described how when he finally saw there was something wrong, he woke the Boyzone star's partner Andy Cowles (32).

Mr Gately was lying curled up, stiff and his lips were blue. Mr Cowles thought he might have swallowed his tongue and desperately tried to release it.

There was fluid coming from the singer's mouth and they realised he was dead.

They called the emergency services.

Mr Dochev told police he had met the pair at a gay bar called Euphoria in Palma at around 1.30am.

The three left together to go to another bar called Black Cat and stayed there until about 4am.

The couple invited Mr Dochev to go back to their apartment to continue drinking and the three took a taxi to the apartment at Port Andratx.

The three talked in the apartment until about 5.30am and Mr Dochev said, at this point, he moved to a bedroom to sleep.

“The couple stayed on the sofa, both sleeping,” his statement said.

About 30 minutes later, he got up and saw the couple were still sleeping on the sofa. “One of them sat with his feet stretched out and the other curled up on the cushions.”

Soon afterwards, Mr Dochev went into the lounge for a smoke.

“At that moment, he thought that the dead boy was sleeping so he went into the bedroom where the other boy was until 1pm,” his statement said.

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