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Sturgeon in call for Scotland to stay in single market

By Staff Reporter

Nicola Sturgeon has said if Northern Ireland is to be given a special 'halfway house' status under Theresa May's proposed EU withdrawal agreement, then Scotland must be also given the same arrangements.

The Scottish First Minister made the remarks on Twitter, responding to claims by Northern Ireland Secretary of State Karen Bradley that the Prime Minister's deal would put Northern Ireland in an "unrivalled" position to attract global investment.

The Scottish leader saw this claim as an admission that Mrs May's deal would put post-Brexit Scotland at a competitive disadvantage, and insisted that Scotland should get the same treatment as was being proposed for Northern Ireland.

She posted: "I support whatever it takes to preserve peace in NI - but this comment shows why Scotland can't afford to be taken out of EU single market. If NI can stay in, so must we."

Ms Sturgeon will travel to London today to urge MPs to reject the Prime Minister's Brexit deal and secure an extension to Article 50 to avoid a no-deal withdrawal.

She will speak to opposition parties about working together to vote down the withdrawal agreement in the crunch parliamentary vote on December 11.

She will campaign for the two-year period for leaving the EU to be extended to give Parliament time to find an alternative way forward.

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