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Mother's plea to Jacqueline Crymble: come clean over Paul's murder

By Deborah McAleese

The anguished mother of killer Jacqueline Crymble today begged her callous daughter to tell the truth about her husband's brutal murder.

On what would have been father-of-two Paul Crymble's 38th birthday, a tearful Phyllis Cree talked exclusively to the Belfast Telegraph about how she will never be able to forgive her daughter and how her family has been torn apart by the struggle to accept her guilt.

In her first ever interview a devastated Mrs Cree said that Crymble should spend the rest of her life in jail and revealed that she cannot bring herself to visit her daughter, even though she is aware she may never see her again.

Crymble and her lover Roger Ferguson are currently awaiting sentencing after being convicted earlier this month of suffocating Mr Crymble on Father's Day 2004 so they could set up a new life together with the proceeds of almost £300,000 insurance money.

Her mother Phyllis broke down as she said that she had loved Mr Crymble like a son.

"To me Paul was a son, not a son-in-law. To my son Steven he was like the brother he never had. To my daughter Nikki he was like another brother.

"Paul Crymble was a gentleman. She may not have loved him, but at the end of the day she took away a man that was very much loved by us."

The mother-of-three also revealed how she has been tormented by feelings of guilt that she was somehow responsible for her daughter turning into a killer.

"I can't stop blaming myself. I must have done something wrong. How could I not see what she was capable of? How could a daughter of mine do something like that?

"I can't forgive her. I can't believe what she has done. How am I meant to forgive her? She is no daughter of mine.

"People are telling me to go and see her but I am sorry, I can't. How can I face her knowing what she has done?"

Crymble has always maintained that her husband was killed by four masked men who broke into their Richhill home. When she was initially charged with murder her family decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, but Phyllis said that as the court case progressed she could no longer deny that her daughter was guilty.

However, she revealed that her husband Ronnie is still struggling to accept his daughter is a murderer and it is placing a strain on their marriage.

"I was devastated when I finally accepted she was guilty. At the start I was thinking there's no way it is true, that's my Jacqueline, my daughter. But as time went on it was like the pieces of a jigsaw coming together.

"I have come to accept it better than my husband. He doesn't want to think his little girl was involved in that. It is causing problems between us at the moment.

"It is now time for her to stop with the lies and tell the truth. He (her father) needs to hear her admit what she has done."

Mrs Cree's other daughter Nicola added that although Crymble and Ferguson have been found guilty of Mr Crymble's murder it has not lessened the pain of losing him.

"We got Paul justice but our minds are not at rest. It still makes me feel sick. It gets harder every day because I just miss him more and more. I can't stop thinking about the children and how he will miss out on them growing up.

"How could she do that to them?"

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