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Terrified teenager shot in broken leg by masked gang

Maked gunmen shot a teenager in his broken leg and cut wires in an attempt to stop him phoning for help during a brutal attack, it has been claimed.

Patrick Quinn (17) suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and injuries to his arm during the paramilitary-style attack.

Four masked men forced their way into the house at Glasvey Drive in Twinbrook shortly before 10pm on Monday.

They beat Mr Quinn, who was alone in the house at the time, before shooting him in the leg.

The teenager was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital for treatment. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

A spokesman for the RVH described Mr Quinn’s condition as “stable”.

None of Mr Quinn’s family were at home yesterday, however a close friend, who has visited the teenager in hospital, said he was in good spirits.

“I’ve spoken to Patrick, he’s all right,” he told the Belfast Telegraph. “He got a wee bullet in his leg and he’s in the Royal hospital.

“He’s due to go in for an operation and was waiting for a doctor to bring him in for surgery.

“Four masked men broke into the house and kicked him when he was sleeping. They had a bat with nails and they beat him.

“He already had a broken leg — he fell before and broke his leg — and they shot him in his broken leg.

“He said they tried to shoot him four times but they only hit him once,” said the youth who did not want to be named.

The friend said he was unaware of a motive for the attack.

“I don’t know why they did it,” he said. “He’s only a kid. He’s 17 but if you saw him you’d think he was only a wee fella.

“He’s got cuts to his leg but he is all right. He is talking away.

“It must have been scary. He was sleeping when they forced their way in.

“They cut his internet cable because they thought it was his phone line. They didn’t want him phoning anyone for help.”

The attack has been blamed on dissident republicans.

West Belfast MLA Jennifer McCann has visited the Quinn family and said they had been left shaken by the attack.

“This attack is to be condemned and there is no place for it in society,” she added.

SDLP councillor Matthew McDermott said: “This is clearly the work of dissident so-called republicans who now have a programme of taking the law into their own hands.”

“We are not going to have it.”

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