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Tesco sparks a fuel price war with 3p cut

By Claire McNeilly

Northern Ireland motorists were today poised to reap the benefits of a fuel price war after a leading retailer slashed 3p off petrol and diesel.

The news comes after supermarket giant Tesco said it was cutting fuel costs at all its 430 UK forecourts, including all 12 filling stations here.

However, it does not change the fact that Tesco’s regional pricing policy means it charges five different prices for petrol and diesel across the province.

The move follows a penny cut by rival Asda at the start of this week, and price drops made by a host of retailers last month, as oil prices plummeted to their lowest level in a year.

Petrol now costs 9% less than the July 17 high of 119.9p, with diesel nearly 10% cheaper.

AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: “It's good to see that somebody other than Morrisons and Asda is taking the lead in dropping prices.

“Obviously we will be keeping watch to see whether we have got some towns where petrol is 3p cheaper now.”

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