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Texts before death reveal Katy French's frustration and vulnerability

A vulnerable picture of model Katy French has emerged through a series of texts sent in the days leading up to her death.

The beautiful, young star was terrified friends and colleagues would not turn up to celebrate her big night. And texts she sent to businessman Kieron Ducie reveal how betrayed she felt after her headline-hitting birthday bash.

The model, who died on December 6 following a suspected cocaine overdose, looked to Ducie and his then girlfriend, Ann Corcoran, for reassurance and comfort, going to their home in Kilmessan, Co Meath, for support on the ill-fated night she collapsed.

Ducie's phone was seized as part of a Garda probe into her death.

In messages sent to him on the evening of her 24th birthday party at Krystle nightclub, she showed concern about attendance.

"I've just had a few texts from people saying they can't make it. What's happening. This seems suspicious."

The day after, as her party was ridiculed by newspapers for being a damp squib following massive hype, Katy texted: "I can't believe they didn't turn up. I've had da papers on about it. I'm f***ing raging."

By Saturday, as her frustration grew, she sent more messages. One read: "You seen the papers? Can't believe what they said bout me having no friends. Have u seen it?

Another said: "God I'm fed up with this. Why do people have it in for me? Everyone is turning on me".

Later that night, Katy texted Ducie saying she needed to talk.

Ducie replied: "I'm in Cocoon with friends. Is everything OK?"

Katy wrote: "I need to talk to somebody, where's Ann?"

Ducie texted back: "Ann is at home. She's not well. She's in bed."

Katy asked: "Can I call over?"

Ducie wrote: "Sure, I'll ring Ann now and tell her. Are you upset?"

Katy then sat with Ann drinking and chatting about her problems until the early hours of Sunday.

Ducie received texts of growing concern from his then girlfriend as she talked to Katy.

At 5.15am Ann asked: "Where are you. Are you coming home. Katy is very upset".

Ducie replied: "I'm leaving now heading home. Is everything OK?"

Ducie is believed to have arrived home around 6.30am and Katy collapsed roughly three hours later in the guest bedroom.

Sources claim Ducie will be formally cleared of any wrong-doing.

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