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The Giant's Causeway as you've never seen it before

By Claire Williamson

It's the Giant's Causeway - but not as you've seen it before.

The beauty spot is well-known for its stunning landscape and now it can be admired from an entirely different angle.

Behind the camera is England-based Belfast man David Johnson (41), who has only been doing aerial photography for a few months.

On his last visit home he brought his equipment with him and made the most of the views.

He said: "I brought the gear home with me with the view to shooting some stuff in Belfast.

"Then we went up to the north coast, it is a wonderful – it's hard to describe.

"It is kind of like seeing things from a bird's-eye point of view.

"You see things on Google Earth and using satellite imagery, but I like to think that I work between the ground and space."

And not only does the skilled photographer have to master the lens, he has the added challenge of flying a mini-helicopter at the same time.

He said: "It's like a mini-helicopter which has a high definition camera on board. When I'm flying it I can see what the camera is seeing and then position the camera to get that perfect shot."

As well as shooting beautiful views, David's company also takes aerial pictures of multi-million pound properties.

He added: "It's seeing things from a completely different perspective – otherwise you would have to hire a helicopter and a pilot, and for what you'd pay for that for the hour, you could have me for the whole day."

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