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The peace process will go on, vows PM

Downing Street insisted it was “business as usual” in the wake of the murders of three members of the security forces.

The official spokesman for Prime Minister Gordon Brown reiterated the message that the killings would not derail the “unshakeable” peace process.

It follows confirmation by Secretary of State Shaun Woodward that security has been increased \[Lucy Gollogly\]in Northern Ireland but there is “no intention” to increase the number of troops.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said “a small number of criminals” were behind the murders.\[Lucy Gollogly\] : “The point Shaun Woodward was making was that, no matter how these people want to call themselves, we are talking about a small number of criminals behind these murderous acts, that there was no support for what they were doing from the community.”

“Political leaders across the community are completely united in their response and condemnation of these attacks.”

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