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This was a murder bid by cowards: McLaughlin

Mitchel McLaughlin has described the attack on his Londonderry home as the work of “cowards”.

Two devices were thrown at the South Antrim MLA's house at about 1am yesterday morning.

At the time of the attack four people were in the house where scorch damage was caused to a wall.

Three men were seen running away from the area shortly after the attack.

This is the third attack on the house in the past six weeks during a period that saw a number of attacks carried out on Sinn Fein representatives.

Police have refused to speculate on who is responsible for this latest attack but have appealed for anybody with information about it to come forward.

Mr McLaughlin said: “Once more cowards came in the dark of night and attacked my home in an attempt to intimidate me and my family.

“The difference this time was they attempted to set my home on fire with petrol bombs with no regard for anyone who was in the house at the time. This is attempted murder and there is no other way to describe it.

“To those individuals who are responsible I would say, if you have some difference with me have the courage to confront me face-to-face.

“Your actions are those of the most cowardly and will not intimidate me or deflect me from the course I am on.”

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