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Thugs beat up Donal McIntyre and wife - knowing she had brain tumour

Ex-undercover journalist Donal McIntyre and his wife Ameera were viciously assaulted by a group of soccer hooligans despite telling them his wife had a brain tumour.

The pair were enjoying a quiet night out before Ameera went for a scan the next day.

The Dancing on Ice star has found himself in dangerous positions by working undercover with notorious crime bosses but he said he is going to re-evaluate his life after his wife was caught up in the latest ordeal.

McIntyre, who reported on Chelsea football hooligans a decade ago, was spotted by a group of thugs enjoying a drink with his wife.

They approached yelling "snitch" and then proceeded with the attack.

McIntyre, who hails from Celbridge, Co Kildare, admitted that the incident had made him lose all faith in humanity.

McIntyre said he was angry that bystanders stood by as he and his wife were attacked

"It was a nightmare and it saddened me that no one was prepared to jump in and help.

"I had a black eye, a cut face and a concussion from where I was repeatedly kicked in the head. I passed out later as I was talking to police."

Ameera suffered bruising to her face and arms as she tried to fend off the attackers kicking her husband on the ground.

No one will face prosecution for the assault because it wasn't caught on CCTV.

"The failure to secure a prosecution gives out the message that these thugs have got away with it".

The couple and their two children have now moved to a secret location and are considering leaving Britain altogether.

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