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Thugs jailed for beating unidentified man

These are the horrific images which show the moments when two thugs launched a vicious attack on an unknown victim.

The disturbing pictures were captured on a mobile phone and show the young man being punched to the floor and struck and kicked as he lies dazed and bleeding. The unidentified victim stumbles and tries to get up before being struck down again.

The two men behind the attack were each sentenced to a year in prison yesterday after they agreed to spend a further year on probation. Belfast Crown Court Judge Derick Rogers told 20-year-old Brian Ingram and Darren James Vaughan (24) it was a “most unusual case” as nobody knows who their victim was or even when he was attacked, but added that he had watched the recording with some horror”.

Earlier, prosecuting lawyer Amanda Brady said the pair were arrested after a member of the public showed police a mobile phone video of an unidentified male being attacked in a room.

She said the video had been circulated in and around north Belfast in January 2008 but that police had no idea when or where it was recorded or who the victim was.

Ms Brady said while police cannot be sure, they think the attack took place in Vaughan’s former flat at Premier Drive.

Arrested and interviewed, Vaughan, from Seascape Parade, and Ingram, from Deacon Street, Belfast, pleaded guilty to inflicting actual bodily harm on a date between January 22, 2007 and January 24 last year.

Defence lawyers for both men said each man had expressed genuine remorse and that in each case, probation reports said they could benefit from help to tackle problems with drink and drugs.

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