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Titanic’s last supper to be served at sea again

In first class they enjoyed filet mignons lili and paté de foie gras, while in third class they made do with vegetable soup and cabin biscuits. Later, an iceberg in the mid-Atlantic would ruin the meal for everyone.

Over 1,500 people ate their last supper on board the RMS Titanic on April 14, 1912.

Now a cookbook based on the menus from that fateful voyage will allow curious diners the chance to recreate the culinary options enjoyed by the passengers of the White Star Line's flagship, shortly before most came to share the same sad fate.

RMS Titanic: Dinner Is Served has been compiled by Yvonne Hume, the great-niece of the vessel's first violinist, John Law Hume, who drowned on the crossing at the age of 21.

In April 2012, on the 100th anniversary of the maritime disaster, a memorial cruise will take place following the ship's planned route, on which passengers will enjoy the same meals as were served to the vessel's first — and last — paying passengers.

The Titanic Memorial Cruise has 1,300 berths available on board the MS Balmoral from the Fred Olsen line, which will set sail on April 12, 2012. Sixty per cent of tickets have already been sold.

“We are planning to re-create the menus that were served in first class, second class and third class,” said Tara Plumley of Miles Morgan Travel, which is organising the cruise.

“We will also be organising the high teas that were so popular on board the Titanic. The chefs with the Fred Olsen line are keen to be as accurate as possible.”

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