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Top of the turkeys

By Linda McKee

It's time to don the special stretchy trousers as new figures reveal Ulster people are the biggest hitters when it comes to Christmas turkey.

In its first-ever 'Turkey Map', has revealed that people in Northern Ireland buy the biggest turkeys every year.

And the most voracious turkey gobblers of all are to be found in Coleraine where the average turkey size is 6.07kg (13.43lbs) - more than 1.5kg (3.3lb) bigger than the runners-up in Co Down (4.50kg/9.92lb).

Indeed, the survey reveals that three areas in Northern Ireland are in the top five for turkey size, suggesting that we either enjoy the biggest family get togethers in the UK or we don't mind eating turkey sandwiches right through to the New Year.

Fifth on the list is Londonderry with an average turkey size of 4.27kg (9.41lb), coming in behind Gwynedd and the merry wives of Bath.

However, when it comes to sheer volume, Londoners lead the pack, eating their way through an amount of turkey equivalent in weight to 303 double decker buses.

It's estimated that 7.5 million turkeys will be consumed over the festive period across the UK this year.

Meanwhile, duck sales have taken a dive this year - down 35% on last year - but geese sales are on the up and up, increasing by 40%.

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