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Topless barmaid has them downing pints

The downturn in the Republic's pub trade, the smoking ban, the crackdown on drink-driving and a slowing economy are the reasons cited by a rural pub owner who said he has been forced to employ a scantily clad bamaid to help him to keep his struggling business afloat.

Every Thursday since the start of September, the topless barmaid is attracting customers from across the region to Browne's Bar, located on the Shannon river along the Limerick/Clare border.

"Basically, the pub business is down all over the country. Everyone is suffering and this is the case here in a big way.

"The smoking ban, the garda crackdown, high prices and less money in people's pockets have led to this," said John Joe Fitzpatrick who runs the bar in Montpelier, Co Limerick.

He has rejected criticism from local detractors that he is using "vulgar and incorrigible tactics" to draw customers.

"There are plenty of women down here on Thursdays though, and all have said they admired Jasmin for her work.

"Even some of the older women encourage and bring their husbands here as they are more full of beans and romantic towards their wives when they return home.

"I see it as a therapy for the older men.

"As the song goes, there's life in the old man yet," chuckled Mr Fitzpatrick.

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