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Tornado hits Scottish island

Cars and houses were damaged by a mini tornado which hit an island town, it was revealed today.

Police said the twister struck Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis last night.

A number of cars were reportedly damaged by the tornado when it hit the island.

A family said their camper van was nearly overturned by the tornado, and one of the children was thrown from their bunk.

Mother Cathie Cassie, from Leicestershire, told BBC Scotland: "The van started to shake, almost like you were in an earthquake and then it tipped sideways.

"We were very lucky. We were physically shaken but our kids were all right."

According to reports, one car was flipped upside down by the storm, narrowly missing the fuel depot near the ferry terminal.

Slates, ridging and iron-work were also said to have been ripped off some houses, and lightning caused power to be lost across the town.

A Northern Constabulary spokesman said: "There was a tornado in Stornaway last night.

"No further details are available at the moment."

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