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Train robber Biggs wants to go to Arsenal match

Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs has told his family he wants to watch Arsenal play one more time.

The 80-year-old Gunners fan has his heart set on witnessing a Premier League clash at the north London club's Emirates Stadium.

He told his son Michael he wants to watch a live game before he dies, following a steady recovery from pneumonia and MRSA.

Mr Biggs, 34, said he has already taken his father from his Barnet care home to watch Arsenal play Tottenham Hotspur on television.

He said: "My dad would love to go to the game, but it is not the easiest of things to get him over there. It has got to have the right facilities for him.

"I would obviously have to take him in a wheelchair and of course there is a limit to the amount of time I can keep him out of the nursing home.

"He is feeling better but my dad could get an infection and be dead in 24 hours. When the doctors said he is not going to recover, they were right. He has not.

"The saliva is still going into his lungs, we have to keep him sitting up as much as possible.

"In view of the fact an infection may come and kill him in a couple of hours, why not do the things he wants to do? Why not live life to the full?

"It is not as if he could walk to the stadium, have a pint and enjoy himself. He will always be in a wheelchair and he will always dribble."

Biggs was freed from prison on compassionate grounds by Justice Secretary Jack Straw in August. The decision came just a month after ruling he was a "wholly unrepentant" criminal who should die in jail.

Biggs was transferred from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to Carlton Court Care Home in Barnet, north London.

A series of three strokes left him needing 24-hour medical care as he is fed through a tube and communicates via a spelling board.

Biggs, of Lambeth, south London, was a member of the gang which robbed the Glasgow to London mail train of £2.6 million in used banknotes in 1963.

After just 15 months inside, Biggs escaped over a wall at Wandsworth Prison and lived as a fugitive in Australia and Brazil, where Michael was born.

In 2001 he fell ill and returned to Britain where he was sent back to prison.

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