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Trainee lawyer challenges interview ban

A trainee solicitor excluded from attending a murder inquiry interview process has won High Court permission to challenge the police prohibition.

Paul Campbell was told he could not accompany his ‘master’ during questioning of a woman being held over a killing.

Mr Campbell launched legal proceedings over the refusal, claiming it was unreasonable and unlawful. A judge has granted him leave to seek a judicial review after holding that issues of importance were at stake.

The case centres on the questioning of an woman about the murder of Polish man Marek Muszynski (40). She was brought to Antrim Custody Suite after the victim's body was discovered in Newry last July.

Mr Campbell accompanied his master, solicitor Paul Fitzsimons, to four interviews with the suspect — who was later released without charge — but was denied access to a fifth session.

It was claimed that a custody sergeant refused to let him attend as he was unqualified. But Mr Campbell argued there was a legal entitlement for him to be there. The case will proceed to a full hearing in March.

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