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Troubles group in victims appeal

By Noel McAdam

People who have been affected by the Troubles, including victims, were today urged to give their views to the Governments' official consultative group on the past.

Lord Robin Eames and former Policing Board vice-chairman Denis Bradley, who head the team, asked for written submissions between now and December 7.

And they said they were very aware that there will be many people living in the Republic, England and elsewhere who will also want to have their say on the matter.

Groups and individuals wanting to meet with the eight-strong consultative group have been asked to make contact by October 5.

"Working together we can help ensure that we move towards a society that has not forgotten the past but, equally, does not allow it to be a barrier to a shared future," the two men said in a joint letter.

Their major consultation on how Northern Ireland should deal with the legacy of the Troubles, established by former Secretary of State Peter Hain in June, is tasked with making recommendations by the summer of next year.

"Our aim is to hear the widest possible range of views, including the views of people who consider that they are victims of the past," they added.

"We will give careful consideration to requests from people who wish to meet us."

In particular, they asked for views on perspectives on the legacy of the past 40 years, any lessons to be learned and suggestions on steps to build towards a future "not over-shadowed by the past".

Written submissions can be sent to the secretary to the group, 20 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GD or by email to

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