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Anger as Dungannon bonfire damages four houses

'Intolerable situation for residents', local MP says

A local MP has spoken out after a bonfire in Dungannon caused damage to four homes.

Mid-Ulster MP Francie Molloy said residents at Killlymerron Park had warned of their fears about the fire before Tuesday night but, he says, their calls fell on deaf ears.

NIFRS Area Commander Dermot Rooney told the Belfast Telegraph that one appliance was sent to the Eleventh night bonfire.

"Radiated heat from the fire cause damage to doors and windows at four houses," he said.

"Firefighters used jets of water to cool down the houses to prevent any further damage."

Mr Molloy noted that Killymerron Park "is a mixed area" and he said the bonfire was "built particularly close to residents homes, prompting serious concerns in the run up to the Eleventh night".

The Sinn Fein politician added: “It was so close that it ended up melting the PVC windows in a number of homes. Glass was also broken due to the heat and several homes have now been boarded up as a result."

“That is an intolerable situation for residents to have to endure," he commented. "A number of them have told me they raised concerns with local unionist representatives in the run up to the bonfire but were told there was nothing they could do."

Mr Molloy condemned what he called "a complete failure of leadership".

He added:  "Residents should not have to live in fear in their own homes and see their property damaged because of these bonfires.

“And they should not have their concerns ignored by people who are supposed to be representing all citizens."

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