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Sammy Wilson: violence could ruin economic revival


Sammy Wilson, the Finance Minister, has warned that the fragile economic recovery could be set back by violence and street disorder over the marching season.

The DUP politician appealed to the Orange Order to do all in its power to prevent a return to anything like the flag protests which paralysed much of the Northern Ireland during the winter.

"I feel we are starting to turn the corner as far as the economy is concerned," he said in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph.

"We have had a good few months. We have pushed all the issues of the flag protests into the background. They no longer feature when people think of Northern Ireland. The G8 helped to lift us away from that image," he added.

Mr Wilson is expected to be replaced as Finance Minister later this month. The famously outspoken minister's emphasis was different from many of his party colleagues but he joined them in condemning the Parades Commission determination which banned North Belfast Orange Lodges from passing Ardoyne Shops as they return from Friday's July 12th celebrations.

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