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Sandwich tops menu for hungry lodges

By Rebecca Black

The queues for the burger vans snaking through the Twelfth Fields of Northern Ireland are always long - but thankfully there's a more traditional route to filling a hungry marcher's stomach.

Last night, hundreds of supporters were busily beavering away in Orange halls preparing boxes of food to take to the field - with the humble sandwich topping the menu once more.

Laura Carlisle may be the wife of the Orange Order's chief executive Iain Carlisle, but she says she loves the buzz of being involved in the preparations on the night before the big day.

Generations of Orangemen and their families gather at Annalong Orange hall to put together a feast of 28 loaves of sandwiches.

Laura said the picnic for Brunswick LOL 1702 will include ham sandwiches and fruit loaf.

"What'll happen the night before in Orange halls across the country is that ladies and men from all the lodges will gather to prepare what will be eaten at the field on the Twelfth when everyone arrives after the parade," she told the Belfast Telegraph.

"In our own lodge, we have ham sandwiches, roast beef and corned beef with all the all important HP Sauce.

"We also have fruit loaf.

"So we'll all gather together, prepare around 28 loaves of sandwiches to be boxed up and stored in fridges overnight," she added.

"Some lodges will have tea and stuff as well, but we just have cold drinks. They will go into barrels of ice the night before, then the kids have great fun with the ice in the field especially if it is a nice day.

"The younger ones will be so excited, sneaking sandwiches out of the box as you are making them."

Laura said there will also be polishing to do.

"There'll be a bit of shining and polishing of the banner poles and so forth too, it's really just good fun, everyone wants to comes together to make the preparations," she added.

"You could have three to four generations of the same family in the hall."

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