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£1m lottery ticket left on fridge for two months

A winning lottery ticket was left overlooked on a fridge for two months before its owners realised its £1million value.

It was not until Alan Elliot, 46, was daydreaming with work colleagues about what he would do with a lottery win when he decided to go back over his collection of tickets, and found he was a millionaire.

“It was sitting under a fridge magnet and I told Kim ‘don’t worry, it’s good news, I’m a millionaire. She still didn’t believe me, even when I showed her the ticket. It’s only sinking in now,” Alan, from Nottingham, told the Daily Mail.

Ambulance worker Kim, 45, said: “It’s so strange the ticket was under our noses all that time. I wish Alan had checked them sooner. I’d have liked to have won two months ago.”

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