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70% use credit cards to shop online

Nearly three-quarters of credit card-holders regularly use their plastic to buy things online, spending an average of nearly £200 a month, research has indicated.

Around 70% of people with a credit card use it to make internet purchases on a regular basis, and 15% of them have only started to shop online during the past three years, according to Sainsbury's Finance.

The average person spends £192 online each month, but the figure is distorted by 4% of cardholders who spend more than £1,000 a month, with two-thirds spending less than £100.

People are most likely to buy music and DVDs online using a credit card, with 38% purchasing these items during the past year, followed by books at 37% and clothes and holidays, both at 36%.

Three out of 10 used their plastic to buy electrical or white goods over the internet, with 27% paying for entertainment, such as cinema or theatre tickets, in this way and 25% buying groceries online.

Stuart McKeggie, head of cards at Sainsbury's Finance, said: "The growth of online shopping in such a short time is staggering. Our research found that only 7% of credit card-holders do not use their cards online."

People in the South East spend the most online using a credit card, at an average of £236 a month, more than double the £115.90-worth of purchases that Scots make over the internet.

:: ICM questioned 2,012 people during October.