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7/7 Inquest: Families call for MI5 probe

Victims’ families have called on Home Secretary Theresa May to review the “whole operation of the security services” in the UK following the July 7 coroner's recommendations.

With some families calling for a public inquiry into the terror attacks, many highlighted questions about whether MI5 could have prevented the atrocities.

Graham Foulkes, whose 22-year-old son David was killed at Edgware Road, said his attitude to MI5 would be different if they had approached the families in 2005, admitted they made a bad judgment and apologised.

But instead the inquest “causes a lot more questions to be asked than it answers”, he said.

“It really must compel Theresa May to review the whole operation of the security services in the UK, not just MI5.”

Speaking at a Press conference in London, Mr Foulkes called for an independent inquiry with “a much broader scope and a much broader remit” than the inquest.

He said he was concerned there was no “single overarching authority to knock heads together and make sure something happens” and the coroner's recommendations are implemented.

The recommendations “really need implementing”, he said.

“Theresa May should have the whole country looking at her to make sure that something happens.”

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