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A friendlier new voice at Tesco self-service checkout

By Damian Clarkson

Tesco is revamping its self-service checkout machines in a move that will bring to an end the dreaded "unexpected item in the bagging area" phrase.

After feedback from customers, the supermarket giant said it is rolling out a new audio voice to machines that will be "friendlier, more helpful and less talkative".

Tesco conceded that its current system had "become a source of frustration" for customers, with some describing it as "shouty", "irritating", and putting them under pressure as they finish their shop.

The new system aims to ease those frustrations by offering softer phrases and being more customer-friendly.

As well as changing "unexpected item in the bagging area", six unhelpful phrases including "please take your items" have been removed and "thank you for shopping at Tesco" has been added.

It will be introduced in all Tesco UK stores by the end of October.

James Dewen, self-service checkout operations manager at Tesco, said: "Customers really like the convenience of our self-service checkouts, especially when they're just popping into store to pick up lunch or a few items after work. But for some, the voice leaves them a bit frustrated."

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