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Abbott 'might' take Britain to war

Labour leadership hopeful Diane Abbott has said she would be prepared to lead Britain into war - but only if it was legal.

Ms Abbott, one of five MPs battling to succeed Gordon Brown, also questioned the legality of Nato-led troops remaining in Afghanistan.

The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP, who opposed the Iraq conflict and has called for service personnel to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, was asked on BBC Radio 4's PM programme whether she would take the country to war if elected prime minister.

"Well if it was a legal war I might do," she replied. "The problem with the Iraq War, it was widely judged to be illegal."

Asked about Afghanistan, she said: "It might have been legal, a legal invasion, in the very first place, but 10 years on, where is the legality for it?"

Reiterating her call for troops be brought home, Ms Abbott added: "If the purpose of the war was to find Osama bin Laden, well we haven't found him 10 years on.

"I think what is perceived as a western occupation of Afghanistan is becoming counter-productive.

"I think there should be a phased withdrawal, we should give way to a UN peacekeeping force, ideally led by troops from an Islamic nation. But you will not win, you will not bring stability to the region with a war."


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