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Absconders jailed for knife robbery

Two men have been jailed for committing a string of offences, including robbing a woman at knifepoint, while on the run from prison.

Shaine Tester and Sean Horsley robbed a 46-year-old woman of two handbags and £250 in cash, threatening her with the weapon in Sevenoaks, Kent, after going on the run from Blantyre House prison in Goudhurst last July, police said.

Officers were sent to Tonbridge railway station to intercept the men who boarded a train after spending some of the stolen money on tickets.

Horsley, 45, was carrying a bag containing an imitation sawn-off shotgun, and when challenged Tester, 25, was heard to shout an order to Horsley to shoot the officers, police said.

Horsley started to run but surrendered to police as an officer drew his Taser.

Tester ran off but was caught and a knife was recovered from bushes, a police spokesman said.

The handbags and cash stolen in Sevenoaks were recovered, minus £22 the offenders used to buy train tickets, he said.

Tester was jailed for six years and three months and Horsley for six years and nine months at Maidstone Crown Court today for escaping from lawful custody, armed robbery and possessing an imitation firearm.

Detective Constable Gabriel Chandler, from Kent Police, said: "Within a short space of time Horsley and Tester committed a number of very serious offences, which would inevitably see them returned to prison for a long time.

"The offences were aggravated by the possession of a device that had been made to give the appearance of being a firearm.

"Their freedom was very short-lived as they were quickly arrested and returned to custody, where they will now remain for some considerable time."